Collection Agency Secrets & Tactics

Collection Agencies do things that most of us can figure out if we use common sense.You have got to know that if someone is calling you all of the time and yelling at you or perhaps swearing that you know they are doing something wrong and you are right they are not allowed to threaten you or call you names or tell you they will come and take your house or car if you don’t pay up. We all have rights which is why the FDCPA is involved.There are no secrets that they use when they are calling you and hounding you for money as long as they are abiding by the law they are legally collecting a bill.But if you have people calling you and threatening you by all means they are breaking the law.When you are being sued by a Collection Agency well that’s a whole different story. Atlanta SEO . Atlanta SEO . Their first tactic is to scare you so they sue you. Worked didn’t it?If you were served a summons by a Collection Agency that is their first Scare Tactic. They want you to get scared and call them to settle. Inspiresmart . Most of you should know that they probably don’t have a leg to stand on if this were to go to a court of law so their second tactic is to have you not answer your court summons so they can get a default judgment. If they were to get a default judgment they will then legally be able to freeze your bank account and garnish your wages (after a garnishment hearing).The people who choose to fight these guys back normally end up winning in court because collection agencies never have the proper docs to win in court.So they sue you to scare you into calling them to settle.For people who don’t fall for that they sit back and hope those 20 days or so go by where you don’t answer your summons and then they win a Default Judgment Against you.If you do answer your summons and it gets as far as a court date they will pull you aside or into a room and try to scare you again and tell you that you are going to lose in front of the judge they try to brain wash you into thinking that they have everything they need to nail you to the wall so that you fold and settle with them, but it is THEM who are hoping you fold because most again, don’t have the proper documents to back up their claim.To the people who tell the attorney NO you don’t want to settle and want to talk to the judge or want your day in court GOOD FOR YOU once you tell the opposing attorney that they will become more ticked off and tell you that you shouldn’t do that, that you will lose that it is in your best interest to settle blah blah blah.. it is in THEIR best interest that you settle so that they get a nice big fat commission check from the company suing you.Get served be scared.Show up in court we’ll scare you even more.Don’t fall for any of this crap, fight your lawsuit and chance are you will win period. Don’t be afraid of the old sweaty guy in a suit. Fight them back period!

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